About MGW

"Light and Time" 

Awaits for no one.

 Every moment is unique, filled with all the beauty this universe of duality has to offer and expressed so we can see and feel every unique moment with all our senses, never will it repeat. 

You're either out there to capture it.

Or you miss it. 


Photography, creative light art, a beautiful visual moment in time, light captured with imagination, vision, feeling and expression, appreciated differently by each individual and every unique moment can be enjoyed by many. 

Our Beautiful World. 

My Vision. 

Your Art.

From a very young age, I had an interest in cameras, My Parents gave me a camera to play with when young, was it a sign?  thanks Mum n Dad Im so Grateful.

Cameras always entertained me, made great noises, felt so good in the hands with buttons to push, knobs to turn, things that opened and closed and a viewfinder to see the world the way I like to see it, wow so much fun, a real escape from the everyday noise of this illusion we call reality, to slip into the world of imagination, creation and exploration,  I then learned what the camera could actually do and inspiration and ideas flooded into mind of how to make this latent impression in mind into something that can be shared and enjoyed with our senses.


While at school of course my fav subject was photography, "one subject I was actually good at" and kept me interested, I understood the camera and what a masterpiece of precision mechanical and optical engineering it was, wow who’s imagination thought of this? and the darkroom was a magic place I could see an image appear on a piece of paper from imagination to creation right before my eyes, I was hooked, I went to school camps took a camera with me and the most exciting part was waiting to get home to see the pictures come back after the film was sent in to be developed. Oh what a long wait LOL, now we can see the results in seconds.


From School I got myself a trade with my other passion cars, yes anything with wheels and high performance was high on my list, there weren't many Jobs mid 80's when I left school apparently "it was the recession we had to have" so I was very grateful to accept a position as Apprentice Mechanic for a small workshop in the suburbs of Adelaide and we worked on anything and everything, my employer was a BMW enthusiast and of course, it rubbed off him and onto me, above all taught me the power of observation, to see things differently and to give and be your best at everything you attempt, what a gift.

As a Mechanic I also meet a very wealthy client who owned Ferraris, Lamborghinis and BMW's he would ship them all over the world to race them and enter classic rallies, he always had a good story to tell about travel, beautiful people, exotic places, fast cars and also taught me anything is possible with Visualisation, so I had caught the travel bug also.

My Grandparents lived in a small coastal town on the Limestone Coast of South Australia, My grandfather (the late Clarence Walter Downs) was a founder of SAFCOL in 1944, he loved fishing and pretty much anything to do with the sea, I also shared his passion of Boating, fishing and assisting him with his personal shell collection so I spent most of my school holidays visiting my Grandparents, going fishing and enjoying the beauty of seaside living and all the Nautical activities that went with this lifestyle from Navigation using the stars (there was no GPS back then) to tying knots but above all the lessons I was taught he always preached to “Love what you do”

From this foundation of life lessons I begin slowly learning, to follow my bliss although a few things got in the way that life challenges you with, like "Needs before wants” and “others needs were always more important than mine i was told" (oh what a load of rubbish), always follow your bliss.

While working 2 jobs day and nights so I could attempt to look after the “Needs and wants” I went on to do a TAFE course “introduction to commercial photography” with my lifelong friend (Greg Mitchell, Prints Charming) which I completed with success, Greg went on to create and build his business in the custom picture framing industry which I assisted and watched him grow, I begin my own journey all be it slowly, travel and photography seeing the world the way I like to and recording the moment with Light, Time and my personal imagination.

 I left the automotive industry for a decade and went into the oil industry as Electro-Mechanical Technician (EMT) this position was like a dream come true at the time, travel to destinations to maintain, modify and repair downhole logging tools for evaluation of oil wells, I proceeded to work my way to the micro hydraulics world with downhole tools and gave it my best which I was awarded the best and most efficient RCI operation globally. With all this travel and seeing more of the world it had built a new enthusiasm for travel and exploring new places.

Along the way I also entered some local photography competitions which I had some success but I soon learned that I do photography for me, I pick up the camera only when inspired by a scene, I would rather witness all the beauty of life instead of constantly peering through a lens as its only a spectator sport then,  so I only took a picture of a scene that inspired me personally, that spoke to my soul and the important learnings I had developing along the way, the image wants to tell a story, to inspire questions of the how, where, when and why and express beauty in its own way, I always captured the scene in one shot to as I see it as I feel it and as I want to remember it with my artistic imagination and this way it's my bliss, my passion, my creation, I like to create art as I like to express it, as I like to view it, to me Art is a personal Expression there are no real rules or laws just my own imagination, my own inspiration, my own creation and appreciation so I have kept it mostly personal until now.

 I love what I do, A passion that includes all my loves, travel, different cultures, meeting a variety of interesting people, beautiful places, experiencing all the finest things in life, witnessing amazing natural phenomena, and the feeling of being connected to the moment how I like to see it artistically, mastering the finest of optical engineered tools with an approach of personal expression with all my learnings and experiences on this journey called Life,  to capture and visually communicate the moment as it was imagined, felt and witnessed, the vision of my imagination, planning, and strategy to attain the final print.


 The final print is my creation. I never limit myself to just capturing the scene as I see it, I also like to express the scene in terms of interpreting the scene and creating a work of art, a personal statement. I have the final print in mind as I press the shutter and that creates Fine Art. 


Each print is meticulously printed by me, framing is by Greg and Karen "Prints Charming Mildura" we use the very best technology currently has to offer, all genuine inks, finest materials with a variety of media types and presented face mounted or framed in any size color or type of frame, matt board and glass choice you desire so the art becomes a personal blissful experience within your viewing environment.

 I hope you enjoy exploring my website and my visual creations as much as I enjoy presenting them to you and I am very grateful you visited my site and took the time to understand a bit about me and how I put my photography together,  (please return often as this site is still under construction) and I will live with the hope I may meet you, share some stories or maybe there's a scene you would like me to photograph and express in an artistic way and assist you in any way I can to enjoy Fine Art Photography or to print, frame and present your photography or artwork the way you visualized it.

I invite you to contact me with any request you may have about my photography or yours, or improvement of this website, or a landscape you may like to see photographed and presented here.


Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.  M

Past, Present, Future



"When I’m floating off in the invisible world of my personal and inner imagination, only then do I become my real self. And then, in that heavenly, distant, spiritual seclusion of feelings, which is in itself some kind of ecstasy, comes a sense of a type that is realized when visualization is created. And that is how I should answer people who ask me: 'What are you really doing when you are visualizing?

'But who would understand such an answer?' 

It always seems to me that I betray my own soul when I have to reply to this question like an average and realistic person should when they feel the need to justify everything to everyone else but themselves. Sometimes I just say, 'it’s hard to explain, "which is perhaps the best answer."

For every new idea and belief, you need to prepare the mind to accept it or you will never believe it and therefore never experience it, we live in an unlimited universe whether you believe it or not, those that do are the most successful at everything they set out to accomplish.


Mark Weston Fine art photographer Mawson Lakes
Mark Weston Fine art photographer Mawson Lakes
Mark Weston Fine art photographer Mawson Lakes
Mark Weston Fine art photographer Mawson Lakes
Mark Weston Fine art photographer Mawson Lakes
Mark Weston Fine art photographer Mawson Lakes
Mark Weston Fine art photographer Mawson Lakes
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